BTT School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School Fees Structure 2023/2024 academic session

The Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School fees, Bungoma Technical Training School Fees Brochure for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 academic session has been approved by the management of the institution. Bungoma Technical Training school fees schedule below shows the fees payable by both home and international students.

The question now is; did you select the Bungoma Technical Training during your registration? or participated in their admission screening exercise or are you just inquisitive about Bungoma Technical Training School school fees? whichever category you might fall under, you are at the right blog for the correct information.

Fresh and prospective students are always online in search of the Bungoma Technical Training School tuition fee after confirming their names on the admission list even before the academic session begins.

How Much is the Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School Fees Structure for the 2023/2024 academic session

The approved Bungoma Technical Training School fees for the 2023/2024 academic year for undergraduate and graduate students are based on the programme you are taking.

All students of the Bungoma Technical Training School are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.0

Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School Fees Brochure for Freshers 2023/2024

Bungoma Technical Training School Acceptance fee is a fee that you must pay to any university or Polytechnic as a first-year student/fresher denoting that you have accepted the course and in general the admission that has been offered to you by the school.

Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School Fees Structure for Freshers and Continuing Students 2023/2024 Academic Session

Bungoma Technical Training (BTT) School fees is $2057 for Academic Session.

Below is the breakdown of the Bungoma Technical Training School school fees.

Driving School Course Extension Fee
SSDCL $48.15 (for six months)
CDC $53.50 (for six months)
BBDC $8.03 (for one month)

For private learners, the enrolment fee will differ from instructor to instructor. According to our experience, it might cost around S$70 to $80.

Back to the theory test, the cost of the online theory lessons are as follows (it can differ on whether it is your first attempt at the theory test):

The passing percentage for both the BTT and FTT is 90% (45/50 and above). Once you have passed your BTT, you will be able to apply for your Provisional Driving License (PDL) online here. It will be valid for two years, and you will need to pay S$25 for it. This PDL means you can start taking driving lessons.

In the meantime, you can also apply to take your FTT. The test fee has recently been increased to $6.50. You will need to have passed your FTT before you can book a date for your Practical Driving Test. Your FTT will be valid for two years. During this time, you will need to take your practical test and pass before it expires, or else you will need to retake your FTT again.

Our advice is to take the BTT and FTT back-to-back. That way, you can get your theory out of the way to focus on your practical driving lessons. Two years validity for your FTT is a long time, so it is highly recommended you do that, especially if you are planning to take at least one driving lesson a week.

If you’re learning via a Private Driving Instructor (PDI), you don’t actually need to do any theory lessons. Instead, you can take the theory tests anytime you want. However, you are recommended to go for at least one or two theory trial tests before your official test date. These trial tests will help you get used to the system. If your memory is good enough, you will also notice remarkably similar questions in the actual test.

Practical Driving Lessons


Driving school instructors have a fixed syllabus that they must follow. There is also a minimum number of lessons a student is required to take before being allowed to book a driving test (TP). Lesson fees fall under two categories – peak and off-peak.

Generally, you are required to take around 20 to 25 lessons to complete the syllabus. How quickly you learn is on you and the instructor. When learning at a driving school, you will be rotated between three to four instructors. Some schools, like SSDCL, charge an extra fee of $8.56 per session if you want to request for a specific instructor.

The reason why a lot of people recommend finding a PDI is because you will just have one instructor to monitor and keep track of your progress lesson by lesson.

With hundreds of PDIs out there, it is hard to choose one. Traditionally, they are recommende through word-of-mouth. If you are a student, there is a good chance one of your peers or family members will be able to recommend you a good PDI, or steer you away from a supposedly bad one.

In general, different PDIs charge differently, but private students who have been at it for a while can tell you that prices have been steadily rising. In our office, there are two PDI students. One is currently learning with an Automatic car, and the other just passed his TP a few days ago with a Manual car. Both of them say they were charged around S$60 for 90-minute lessons, which works out to about S$40 an hour.

With PDIs, you learn at your own speed, but you would still need around 20 lessons, more or less, before taking the TP test. In the last few lessons before your TP, you should be doing a few rounds at a driving centre’s test circuit. Depending on the school, that would cost around S$30 to S$35.

Practical Driving Test (TP)


So, the big day is approaching. You have passed your FTT, took your photo under supervision at the driving school for around S$6 we believe, and have a test date booked.

That test booking would have cost S$33. But that is just a administrative fee to book a test. You will also need to pay for the test vehicle rental, insurance, and warm up session prior to test itself. For school learners, the fees are as follows:

For private learners, it varies once again. Our colleague that just passed his TP told us that the cost of the test day was S$435 for him. $320 for the use of the car during the test (insurance and so on), $80 for the warm up, and $35 for the use of the driving circuit (CDC).

Pass or Fail


If you passed, congratulations! You would need to watch a safety video immediately after passing and get your result slip endorsed by an employee of the driving school. After which, you can go here to apply for a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) online. The application of the QDL will cost you $50.

For private learners, please note that they are required to terminate their school membership upon passing. This is especially important for those who still have money inside their account that they would like back. The amount left in your account will be refunded and mailed to you by cheque, approximately 4-6 weeks upon termination.

If you failed, well then, bad luck. You will need to take a few more lessons, as many as your driving instructor deems necessary before you can book another test and go through the whole procedure again. If you are planning to book a test date that is after your FTT expires, you will need to retake it.

Below is our rough final breakdown of the costs:

Driving School Private Driving Instructor
Enrolment S$96.30 S$70 to S$80
Driving Lessons (Theory) S$69.55 (for 4 classes)
Basic Theory Test S$6.50 $6.50
Final Theory Test S$6.50 $6.50
Provisional Driving Licence S$25 S$25
Driving Lessons From S$1,400 to S$1,900 (for 20 to 25 classes) From S$1,000 to $1,400 (for 25 to 35 hours of lessons)
Photograph for Driving Licence S$6 S$6
Practical Driving Test S$33 S$33
Practical Test Car Rental S$195.81 to S$231.12 From S$380-S$450
Driving License Fee S$50 S$50
ESTIMATED TOTAL $1888 to $2424 $1577 to $2057

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