List of Courses offered at Africa Nazarene University

List of Courses offered at Africa Nazarene University

The Africa Nazarene University (ANU) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at Africa Nazarene University

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at Africa Nazarene University (ANU)

  • Africa Nazarene University Graduate Courses

    • PhD in Religion
    • Doctor of Ministry
    • Masters of Education (M.Ed)
    • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)
    • Master of Arts in Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Master of Science Governance, Peace and Security Studies
    • Master of Science Environment and Natural Resource Management
    • Master of Arts in Religion
    • Master of Science in Applied IT
    • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
    • Post Graduate Diploma In Monitoring And Evaluation
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies

    Africa Nazarene University Undergraduate Courses

    • Bachelor of Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
    • Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
    • Bachelor of International Business Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Mass Communication
    • Bachelor of Science Environment and Natural Resource Management
    • Bachelor of Theology
    • Bachelor of Christian Ministry
    • Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies
    • Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
    • Bachelor of Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
    • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice & Security Studies

    Africa Nazarene University Diploma Courses

    • Diploma in Business Administration
    • Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
    • Diploma in Peace & Conflict Resolution
    • Diploma in Public Relations
    • Diploma in Information Technology
    • Diploma in Education
    • Diploma in Criminology
    • Diploma in Mobile Computing
    • Diploma in Christian Ministry
    • Diploma in Counseling Psychology
    • Diploma in Community Development
    • Diploma in Agri-Business and Natural Resource Management
    • Diploma in Human Resource Management
    • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

    Africa Nazarene University Certificate Courses

    • Certificate in Business Management
    • Certificate in Information Technology
    • Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies
    • Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Certificate in Christian Ministry
    • Certificate in Research Methodology
    • Certificate in Audio Production
    • Certificate in Computer Application Packages

    Africa Nazarene University Bridging Courses

    • Bridging Mathematics


    • Cisco Certified Network Associate, level 1-4
    • Corporate BPO (Business Pricing & Outsourcing)
    • Executive Course: Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit
    • English Writing Lab
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