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List of Courses offered at Dima College

List of Courses offered at Dima College

The Dima College (DC) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at Dima College

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at Dima College (DC)

School of Business
•    Business Management (Knec)
•    Business Management (Knec)
•    Supply Management [Knec]
•    Sales & Marketing
•    Human Resource Management [Knec Tivet]
•    Clearing & Fowarding
•    Maritime Management
•    Accounts [Kasneb]

School Of Information and Communication Technology
•    Information Communication Technology (ICT), [KNEC]
•    Information Communication Technology (ICT), [KASNEB]

School Of Hospitality,Tourism and Travel Management

Hotel & Catering Mgt

•    Office practice
•    Office Management
•    Housekeeping & Accommodation Studies
•    Single Subjects(ICM)

Tours & Travel Operations

•    Tours & travel operations

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Tour Operations /Administration & Tour Guiding (KPSGA)

•    Galileo
•    Amadeus
•    Cabin Crew
•    Tourism Marketing
•    Airport Operations

School of Secretarial Studies

•    Single And Group
•    Single Subject [Information Subject
•    Secretarial Studies [Tivet]

School Of Languages

•    English

•    French
•    Germany(Iinternal Exams & Goethe Institute)

School Of Social Work and Community Development
School Of Hair Dressing
School Of IT ICT & ICTT

•    Microsoft Office
•    Graphic Design
•    Computerized Accounting
•    Computer Statistics
•    Computerized Aided Design
•    Computer Operation
•    Computerized Manager windows
•    Computerized Secretarial
•    Computerized Tour Operator
•    Proffessional Web Design
•    Computer Hardware Maintenance
•    Computer Typing Keyboarding [using Mavis]
•    Computer Video Editing


•    Diploma in Entrepreneurship
•    Diploma in Banking & Finance
•    Diploma in Business Management and Administration
•    Diploma in Marketing
•    Diploma in Office Management
•    Diploma in Human Resources Management
•    Diploma in Business Administration
•    Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management
•    Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Software Engineering
•    Diploma in Computer Science
•    Diploma in Computer Engineering
•    Diploma in Communication and Computer Network
•    Accounting(CPA) & (ATD)
•    Diploma in Travel & Tour Guiding Management
•    Diploma in Tourism Management
•    Diploma in Hospitality Management
•    Diploma in Records and Archives Management
•    Diploma in Library and Information Science
•    Diploma In Counseling Psychology
•    Diploma in Project Planning and Management
•    Diploma in Social Work

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