List of Courses offered at East African School of Aviation

List of Courses offered at East African School of Aviation

The East African School of Aviation (EASA) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at East African School of Aviation

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at East African School of Aviation (EASA)

Aviation Business Management

•    Customer Care in Aviation
•    Supervisory Management
•    Auditing Techniques For Regulators
•    Executive Civil Aviation Management
•    Emergency Response Planning in Aviation
•    Travel & Tourism Foundation (IATA Diploma)
•    Travel & Tourism Consultant (IATA Diploma)
•    Managing The Travel Business (IATA Diploma)
•    Air Cargo Introductory
•    Dangerous Goods Regulations
•    Advanced Cargo Rating And Marketing (IATA Diploma)
•    IATA Airport Operations
•    ICDL
•    IATA Airline Cabin Crew

Aviation Safety and Security

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•    ASTP 123 Basic
•    Certification Systems Workshop
•    AVSEC Instructors Course
•    Cargo & Mail Security Course
•    National Inspectors Course
•    AVSEC/123 Management
•    Cargo & Mail Security
•    ICAO Government Inspector Course in Personnel Licensing
•    ICAO Government Inspector Course in Approved Training Organization Certification Course
•    ICAO Government Inspector Course in Airworthiness
•    Air Navigation Services Inspector Course Meteorology (ANS/MET)
•    Air Navigation Services Inspector Course – Communication Navigation Surveillance
•    Air Navigation Services Inspector Course – Air Traffic Management
•    ICAO Government Inspector Course In Aircraft Operations

•    Flight Dispatch (Day)
•    Flight Dispatch (Evening)
•    Flight Dispatch (Day)
•    Flight Dispatch (Evening)
•    Surveillance
•    Resolution of Safety Concerns
Air Navigation Services and Maintenance
•    Diploma In Aeronautical Engineering (Airframes & Engines) (Modular)
•    Diploma In Aeronautical Engineering (Avionics) (Modular)
•    Diploma In Telecommunication Engineering (Modular)
•    Aircraft Maintenance License (Airframes & Engines)
•    Aircraft Maintenance License (Avionics)

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•    VHF/ UHF Equipment Maintenance
•    VOR Maintenance
•    ILS Maintenance One
•    DME Maintenance One
•    Radar Maintenance
•    Radar Mono Pulse
•    Test and Measurement
•    Linux
•    ATSEP Phase 1
•    CNS-ATM Seminar

•    AIS ICAO 021
•    Aerodrome Control
•    AIS Refresher Training
•    Flight Planning for General Aviation
•    AIS Conventional Cartography
•    AIS Digital Cartography
•    NOTAM Information Management
•    New ICAO Flight Plan
•    AIS Induction
•    AIP/Map Management
•    Static Data Operations (SDO)
•    Airport Strategic Management*
•    Air Law (Concepts)*
•    Airport Crisis Planning & Management*
•    Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ)

•    Basic Aerodrome
•    Aerodrome Control
•    Approach Control (Non-Radar)
•    Approach Radar
•    Area/Airways (Non-Radar)
•    Area Radar
•    Area Radar Conversion
•    Approach Control Refresher (NonRadar)
•    Area Airways Refresher
•    Human Factors
•    PBN
•    Safety Management Systems
•    Search and Rescue

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•    AMHS Operations Course
•    Aeronautical Communication Service Supervisor
•    Radiotelephony Initial Training
•    Radiotelephony Operations Refresher
•    Advanced Aeronautical Communications Officer

Curriculum Development

•    On Job Training Instructors (OJTI)
•    Instructor Development Program (IDP)
•    Advance Instructor Training (AIT)
•    Training Developers Course (TDC)
•    Training Instructor Course (TIC Part II)
•    Leading Instructional Systems Design Unit (LISD)

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