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List of Courses offered at KIBCO

List of Courses offered at KIBCO

The Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCO) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCO)

School counseling & social sudies
•    cert in counseling psychology
•    Cert in marriage & family therapy
•    Cert in chemical dependency &addiction counseling
•    Cert in counsel or supervision
•    Cert in HTC
•    Cert in TOT/F
•    Cert in social work & community development

Higher diploma and diploma courses
•    Diploma in counseling psychology
•    Diploma in marriage & family therapy
•    Diploma in chemical dependency & additional counseling
•    Diploma in child & adolescent counseling
•    Diploma in counselor supervision
•    Diploma in social work & community development

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Counseling psychology short courses
•    Loss and Grief     4 days
•    Effective Parenting      4 days
•    Drag Addiction and Chemical Dependency     4 days
•    Trauma and Crisis Counseling      4 days
•    Leadership and Public Speaking Skills     4 days
•    Addiction Co-occurring disorders and Relapse prevention     4 days
•    Child and Adolescent Counseling     4 days
•    Sexuality, Sexual  Dysfunctions and Treatment     4 days
•    Life Skills Training and Communication Skills     4 days
•    Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy     4 days
•    Pre-Marital Counseling     4 days
•    Screening and Assessment, Documentation, Working with Multidisciplinary Team & Continuum of Care in Counseling


•    Diploma in Business  Management•

•    Certificate in Business Management
•    Diploma in Sales & Marketing
•    Certificate in Sales & Marketing
•    Diploma in Human Resource Management
•    Certificate in Human Resource Management
•    Diploma in Supply  Chain Management
•    Certificate in Supply  Chain Management

•    Diploma in Public
•    Relations
•    Customer Service (Customer Service for Manager & Supervisors)

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•    Diploma in Business Studies  (part 1&2)
•    Advanced Diploma in Business Studies
•    Diploma in Marketing
•    Advanced Diploma in Marketing
•    Diploma in Human Resource & Development
•    Diploma in Purchase & Supplying Management

Computer Courses
Unit 1    :   Introduction to computer (ICT)
Unit 2    :   Operation Systems ( windows)
Unit 3    :    Window Processing ( MS word)
Unit 4    :   Spread Sheets (MS Excel)
Unit 5    :    Data base Management System(MS Access)
Unit 6    :   Presentations (MS Power point)
Unit 7    :   Email & Internet (Outlook Express)
Unit 8    :   Entrepreneurship
Unit 9    :   Communication Skills
Unit 10  :   Desk Top Publishing (MS Publisher)

Microsoft office:
•      Introduction to Computer
•      Introduction to Windows
•      Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access,   desk top publishing, Microsoft Power Point,   Microsoft Out Look
•      Internet & Email


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Courses Offered
a). Counseling Psychology Courses (Diplomas and Certificates):
Counselling Psychology; Chemical Dependency and Addictions
Counselling; Child and Adolescent Counselling; Social Work and
Community Development
(Examination Bodies-KNEC &KIBCo)

b). Business Courses (Certificates and Diplomas):
Accounting Technician Course; Certified Public Accountants;
Business Management; Sales and Marketing; Human Resource
Management; Catering and Accommodation; Secretarial Studies,
Purchasing and Supplies; Clearing and Forwarding; Front Office
Operations and Administration
(Examination Body-KNEC, KASNEB & ICM).

c). Languages:
Beginners, intermediate and Advanced (Examination Body-KIBCo).

d). Computer Applications 1

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Desk Top Publishing,
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Introduction to computers,Internet and Emails,
Introduction to Windows
(Examination Body-KIBCo).

e). Computer Applications 2

Certified Computer Proficiency Professional:
Unit 1: Introduction to computers,
Unit 2: Operating systems,
Unit 3;Word Processing,
Unit 4:Spread sheets,
Unit 5 Database Management System,
Unit 6:Presentations (Ms PowerPoint),
Unit 7 Email & internet ,
Unit 8:Entreneurship,
Unit 9:Communication Skills,
Unit 10:Desk Top Publishing.
(Examination Body-KIBCo and certified by KCA university ).

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