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List of Courses offered at United Africa College

List of Courses offered at United Africa College

The United Africa College (UAC) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at United Africa College

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at United Africa College (UAC)

Mass Communication and Journalism
•    Certificate in journalism
•    Diploma in journalism and mass communication
•    Diploma in international relations
•    Advance diploma in international relations
•    Graduate diploma in international relations
•    Diploma in public relations
Accounting & Finance
•    I.C.T.T per Level, C.I.C.T part I, C.I.C.T part II, C.I.C.T part III


ICM and CILT Programme
•    Cert/Dip in supplies & purchasing mgt
•    Advance dip in purchasing & supplies management
•    Dip in public relations
•    Dip/Advanced Dip in sales & marketing
•    Diploma in Business Administration
•    Diploma in Human Resource mgt
•    Diploma in Human Resource mgt
•    Dip / Advanced dip in Logistics & Transport.

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Social Work & Communication Development
•    Diploma in community development and social work
•    Cert in social Development
•    Diploma in project management
•    Advanced diploma in project planning and management
•    Diploma in counseling and psychology
•    Certificate in disaster management & preparedness
•    Cert/Diploma in Nutrition health
•    Cert/Diploma in community health

Hospitality & Tourism Management
•    Cert in hotel & catering management,module1
•    Diploma in hotel & catering mgt,moduleI&II
•    Diploma in front office and administration
•    Diploma in international cabin crew/airhostess
•    Media ethics& regulations,editing, journalism etc
•    Diploma in air travel operations level II
•    Diploma in air travel operations(management)level III

Engineering & IT
•    Dip in telecommunication engineering
•    Dip in electrical and electronics engineering
•    Cert in telecommunication engineering
•    Cert in electoral and electronics engineering
•    Cert in business information systems (technology) (CBIS)
•    Certificate in computer engineering
•    Certificate in information technology
•    Certificate in A+, certification N+/ I+
•    Diploma in business information systems (DBIS
•    Diploma in computer engineering and maintenance
•    Dip in computer science/computer science
•    Dip in information communication technology (DICT)

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Test, Bridging and Languages
– Chinese                – Spanish
– English                – French

-Bridging English and Mathematics (6 weeks)
Computer Packages

Certificate in computer packages
Computerized accounting using:
Computer system programming using:
Web intranet design specialist part-1 using:
Web intranet design specialist part 2 using:
Design oriented packages

Courses Offered:

1. Craft in Human Resource Management (KNEC)
2. Craft in social work (KNEC)
3. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
4. Diploma in social work and community development (KNEC)
5. Diploma in project management (KNEC)
6. Diploma in Banking Finance (KNEC)
7. Diploma in Sales and Marketing (KNEC)

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