List of Courses offered at Zetech University

List of Courses offered at Zetech University

The Zetech University (ZU) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:

Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at Zetech University

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at Zetech University (ZU)

Degree programmes

•    Bachelor of Business Administration and Management
•    Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Management
•    Bachelor of Business Information and Technology
•    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
•    Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Diploma programmes.
School Of Business

•    Diploma in Entrepreneurship
•    Diploma in Banking & Finance
•    Diploma in Accounting and Finance
•    Diploma in Business Management and Administration
•    Diploma in Marketing
•    Diploma in Office Management
•    Diploma in Human Resources Management
•    Diploma in Business Administration
•    Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management
School of ICT & Engineering

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•    Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering (DTE)
•    Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
•    Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Software Engineering
•    Diploma in Computer Science
•    Diploma in Electronics Engineering
•    Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power Option)
•    Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCE)
•    Diploma in Communication and Computer Networks
•    School Of Media Arts & Communication
Diploma in Communication and Media Studies – Broadcast, Print, Advertising and Public Relations
•    Diploma in Communication and Media Studies (PR Option)
•    Diploma in Communication and Media Studies (Advertising Option)
•    Diploma in Communication and Media Studies (Print Option)
•    Diploma in Communication and Media Studies (Broadcast Option)

School Of Hospitality

•    Diploma in Travel & Tour Guiding Management
•    Diploma in Tourism Management
•    Diploma in Nutrition, Food Science and Health
•    Diploma in Hospitality Management

School Of Development Studies

•    Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies
•    Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy
•    Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education
•    Diploma in Records and Archives Management
•    Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS)
•    Diploma in Community Health
•    Diploma In Counseling Psychology
•    Diploma in Project Planning and Management
•    Diploma in Education (Primary Option)
•    Diploma in Social Work
•    Diploma in Leadership & Governance

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Certificate programmes
•    Certificate in Development Studies
•    Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education
•    Certificate in Electric and Electronic Engineering
•    Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition
•    Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management
•    Certificate in Information Computer Technology
•    Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies
•    Certificate in Purchasing, Supplies and Management
•    Certificate in Business Management
•    Certificate in Events Management
•    Certificate in Animal Health and Production
•    Certificate in Leadership & Governance

Zetech Career Center Programmes
The Zetech Continuous Education Programmes refer to all the programmes offered at Diploma and Certificate Level and are regulated by Ministry Of Education through TIVET Act 2013 (Technical, vocational Education and Training). Students taking these programmes are examined and awarded by external examination bodies which Zetech University partners with. They include;
• KNEC –Kenya National Examinations Council
• ICM-Institute of Commercial Management –UK based
• City and Guilds-UK based
• IATA-International Air Travel Association.
• ABE-Association of Business Executives-UK based
• KASNEB-Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National Examination Board.
• CISCO-for Networking
• ICDL-International Computer Driving License.
The above bodies develop the curriculum, offer the examinations and award the diploma and certificates to the successful graduates. Zetech University therefore trains the students as per the curriculum developed by the these bodies.

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